Since its arrival, the use of Bitcoin has been a debatable topic across the globe. Some people see it as a big rival to the average folding bills while others consider it as a blessing in disguise. Those that advocate for the use of this digital currency like it because it offers excellent security since it is highly encrypted.

The use of Bitcoin to conduct transactions has enhanced transparency and anonymity. You will not be forced to attach your name to an account. It also comes with low transaction fees and no sales tax. Due to such reasons, a lot of websites, brick and mortar businesses, as well as retailers, have started accepting Bitcoin. You can, therefore, use your Bitcoins in the following ways.

Enjoy shopping online

Gone are the days when we used to travel miles to do our shopping. People today shop online using the digital currency. Most of the online retailers accept this method of payment, thus increasing convenience for customers. Thanks to the use of this cryptocurrency, you can gain access to different forms of inventory such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, home d├ęcor, and even electronics.

As long as you are a bitcoin holder, you can pay for shopping deals online. A common platform that is known to accept this currency is Shopify. It features numerous shops online where you can conduct your shopping from the comfort of your home. Some of the Etsy vendors are also known to accept bitcoins.

Most of the businesses that accept this digital currency as a method of payment use Bitcoin accounting software to keep track of the business transactions. The accounting software helps them know if their businesses making gains or losses.

Engage in mobile gaming

If you like gambling, you can access all your favorite games from sites that accept Bitcoin and make online deposits and withdrawals. Zynga, a mobile gaming company, gained a lot of customers when it started accepting bitcoin. Most of the online casinos nowadays also accept this digital currency. They, therefore, provide room for international players to engage in gambling activities.

Service upgrades

A lot of websites also accept the use of Bitcoin. This allows you to buy premium services using the cryptocurrency. Some of the famous sites that facilitate this are like online forums such as 4chan. You can also engage in online dating through choosing platforms like OKCUpid.

Try donating digitally

Are you feeling philanthropic and would like to give back to society? You can do this digitally using Bitcoin. Feel free to donate to an internet organization or service such as The Pirate Bay or WikiLeaks. Most of the non-profit organizations have gained a lot since the introduction of Bitcoin. Many well-wishers from across the world send their donations with ease using Bitcoin.

Order foods and drinks

Since different restaurants and food joints support the use of Bitcoin, you can get different types of foods and beverages and pay with ease. Browse for a Bitcoin-friendly restaurant near you and enjoy your meals.